Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Defining a new phrase

I have coined a new phrase:

'Arousal Faucet'

Context: 'Yeah, she's an arousal faucet -she was arousing once, but is now, for whatever reason, not arousing anymore. On and off, just like a faucet'.


Heidi Klum (maybe? I dunno, she's in good nick)
Lindsay Lohan
Britney Spears
Shannon Doherty (remember that chick from the 90s?)
Hilary Duff
Selena Gomez


Uriah said...

"Arousal Faucet" definition "A woman who has hardcore STD's, but is so hot you wanna fuck her, even though you know it will make your penis leak like a leaky faucet"

Arousal Faucet can be used to describe both the girl, and the after effects.

My definition is way more awesome.

Uriah said...

"Chillaxitating" definition "The state of being so chilled, that people around you suckle the chilledness off of you, making everyone around you way chilled."

It's the addition of Chillax and Lactating.

Using it in a sentence...
"Whoah, Uriah was chillaxitating hardcore last night, despite the gruesome nature of what he was doing to that girl, I was so chilled and relaxed, I couldn't care less."